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Must See Movies: New Releases


Gangster Squad

Featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling amongst a wholly star studded cast, Gangster Squad is set in the city of Los Angeles, in 1949. This intense film revolves around a secret crew of police officers, who have teamed up in order to take down the mobster king who runs their city: Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). It’s up to Sergeant John O’Mara (Josh Brolin) and his selected team of honest cops to go up against Cohen, and wage guerilla warfare against him and his criminal empire. Known as The Gangster Squad, this team of officers know they need to stop playing by the rules if they want to take down Cohen.




Starring Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington, Flight revolves around his character Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot who manages to miraculously land his plane after a mid-air catastrophe. As the plot unfolds, Whitaker’s hero status starts to fade, as people begin to question who is really at fault for this catastrophe, and what really happened up in the air. Join Washington in this nail-biting thriller as he struggles with blame, doubt, and questions himself as a pilot.




Directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, Lincoln stars Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis as the iconic American president Abraham Lincoln. This dramatic film focuses on the 16th President’s final months in office, whilst his nation is divided by war, and his determination to bring an end to both the war, as well as abolish slavery in the United States. The film shows Lincoln’s trials and triumphs in detail, as he changes the fate of the next generation.



Zero Dark Thirty

Jennifer Chastain stars in Zero Dark Thirty, the nail-biting film that spans the decade the military were on the hunt for the world’s most dangerous man: Osama Bin Laden. This film revolves around the elite team of intelligence and military operatives assigned to this one goal, and how their secret work helped to rid the threat of this terrorist. Join the Oscar winning team with this movie for the story of history’s greatest man hunt.


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