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SEGA has announced an upcoming new game for Android and iOS – Crazy Taxi: City Rush. They have also announced that the original game Crazy Taxi, will be free to download for a limited time on the App Store and Google Play for a limited time only.

If you’ve never played Crazy Taxi, what planet are you from and why haven’t you downloaded the free original yet? In the original game, an arcade sensation and one of the few good games to come out on the Dreamcast, you chose a driver, got in a cab, and proceeded to accidentally run over potential fares. Well, that’s what you did if you were as bad as I was, aged 9, at arcade racing games. Anyone with any talent would instead fly through the virtual city picking up overly trusting punters to ship from one end of the city, as fast and dangerously as they possibly could.

Whilst I don’t imagine the series has changed a great deal since its inception, the game seems perfectly suited to mobile touch platforms, especially if the new game has a soundtrack as good as the original’s, which included songs from Bad Religion and The Offspring.

“Creating a new game for our Crazy Taxi fans is extremely rewarding” said Chris Olson, Senior Vice President of SEGA Networks. “City Rush embodies the spirit of Crazy Taxi with its signature frantic arcade action and crazy stunts and also delivers a new mobile experience with easy one touch controls and social features.”

Are you looking forward to the game? Were you a fan of the original? Let us know in the comments below!

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