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Here’s a quick run-down of some of our releases for Monday the 09/12/2013. We’ve summed up some of the best for you. We’ve got the Croods, Oldboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Warrior, The Conjuring and Leviathan.

The Croods DVD and Blu-ray.

Evolution has always been a story of development and an examination between generations. The Croods are no different, come and see the archetypal pre-modern family as they take the trek of a generation through picturesque and mentionable terrain. They have to deal with earthquakes, clashes between generations, fantastical creatures and a brand new world when their cave is destroyed. They’re assisted by an incredibly inventive young boy. Starring the voices of Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds. Yours to own from Monday.


OldBoy – Steel Book Edition Blu-ray

Our main protagonist Dae-soo is imprisoned for 15 years in a make-shift prison cell and is forced to watch his wife’s murder on the TV that his captor has provided him with. Filled with hatred and rage toward the person whom has imprisoned him, he tries to take his own life. When that fails he vows to exact revenge upon his captor. 15 Year later he’s release with nothing more than a phone, some clothes and the affections of sushi waitress, Mido. There are many twists and turns in this darkly comedic thriller of revenge and reckoning.


Pan’s Labyrinth – Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition Steel Book Blu-ray

Pan’s Labyrinth is of course an absolute classic and a film that I personally could watch over and over. Guillermo Del Toro creates a world of gothic fantasy set in post war Franco Spain. This remarkable story is told through the eyes of young Ofelia. In the broken down ruins of a Labyrinth that exist behind her home she makes friends with a Faun, whom she is very weary of as she’s aware that she isn’t to trust them through stories that she has been told. Eventually she ends up ruling the underworld along with her real father that she has previously been unaware of. The story is epic and based upon fairy tales. This film for me has a lot of soul and depth. It’s a great one to watch and will be hailed as an all-time great.


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