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Introducing…Field Music

Line-up: Co-fronted David and Peter Brewis and new additions, Kev Dosdale (guitar and keyboards) and Ian Black (bass).

Origin: Sunderland, England.

Vibe: Wistful, playful, art rock melodies.

Influences: XTC, David Bowie, The Left Banke.

Sounds like: The Week That Was, The Shins, The Futureheads.

Background: Following their dreamy atmospheric debut in 2005 on Memphis Industries Records and their subsequent ‘Write Your Own History ‘ (2006) and ‘Tones of Town’ (2007) albums, Field Music have returned with a developed art rock sound which is much less restrained and more adventurous than their previous delicate sound. Having a three year hiatus to discover their own sounds, the boys have reunited merging their sounds to form a new and exciting aural experience.

Listen: Get their latest album, ‘Field Music (Measures)’ at zavvi.com

MySpace: www.myspace.com/fieldmusic


Field Music hail from Sunderland and following a three year hiatus are finally back, on top form, bringing with them a twenty track album released by Memphis Industries on 15th February 2010. Co-fronted by brothers David and Peter Brewis and new additions, Kev Dosdale (guitar and keyboards) and Ian Black (bass) their recent album ‘Field Music (Measure)’ is an experimental voyage that has developed vastly from their previous albums. The album is rich in art rock and seventies style guitar riffs echoing the sounds of Lou Reed, Crazy Horse and Led Zeppelin; it is a stroll through the most adventurous moments in music history. Receiving glowing reviews from the Guardian and Metro newspapers and currently on the NME recommends: Rough Trade albums list, we caught up with the wonderful David Brewis…

Hello David, how are you?

Very well, thanks. A little bit tired and a little bit stressed but nothing too far out of the ordinary.

Have you been touring recently? How are you finding being on the road?

We actually haven’t done a great deal of touring with the new band yet. We’ll really kick off across February and March. Touring can be fairly grueling – lots of long drives, not enough sleep and periods of inescapable boredom – but there are lots really good things too, especially when the tours aren’t too long. We get to see different places and eat interesting food and we get to play to different people every night. It’s a lot easier to put up with the lack of comfort when we’re playing well and the audiences get into the music.

Do the crowds differ much across the pond?

Not hugely, certainly not much more than the differences from place to place in the UK. American audiences seem more impressed by musicianship than UK audiences are. European audiences tend to be more different – there always seem to be lots of people who don’t really know our music and they’ve come just out of curiosity – they generally give us a decent chance to impress them before they walk out.

Are you excited about the album coming out? We are! Do you think it will work as an antidote for Valentine’s Day successes/failures?

I’m very excited for the album coming out but I’d feel a little bit guilty if I thought any budding Casanova was going to use it to try and impress their beau. That would be disastrous.

After working so hard in the studio and now all the touring do you have a nice break on the way?

We never, ever stop working. After finishing recording and mixing, we started mastering the album and putting together artwork. Then we started gigging and putting together a video and doing bonus tracks. We’ve also tried to fit in doing some recording for other people and we’ve been getting things organised for our next bits of touring and we’ve been doing a lot of interviews. And we had tax returns and VAT returns to do and a few radio sessions. The next time there’s even a sniff of a break is in April but I’m sure the diary will keep filling up.

Watch ‘Them That Do Nothing’ by Field Music here…


Words by Daisy Florence, Same Teens.

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Field Music: Hot or Not?

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