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So after months of waiting, today is finally the day that Nintendo look set to answer all of the most important questions surrounding their hugely anticipated 3DS device. When is it out in Europe? How much is it going to cost? What games are going to launch alongside it? All of these questions – and more, we hope – should be finally answered at today’s press conference, which is taking place here in the currently sunny – if chilly – city of Amsterdam. We’ll be updating this blog article throughout the presentation, live from the show floor with all of the juiciest tidbits, as and when they’re announced.

If you’re late to the 3DS party, check out our recent article about the 3DS facts that have been released so far.

Return here anytime from 2pm today (or 3pm CET) for live updates direct from Amsterdam. The hottest bits of news – like the price of the unit – will be highlighted in bold.

And so… on with the show!

Live Blog Feed:

14:00: Jonathan Ross has appeared bang on time.

14:03: Ross is chatting about how thrilled he is to be there. His enthusiasm is palpable.

14:05: Nintendo marketing director Laurent Fischer has appeared in order to introduce the unit in detail.

14:07: Nice video demonstration. No new info yet though.

14:08: The screens are around 10% larger than those on the DSi apparently.

14:10: Laurent has just briefly spoken about the unit’s already-announced motion control abilities.

14:12: Nintendo have partnered with Eurosport to provide users with 3D sports video content. They are also currently in talks with Sky 3D. They’ll reveal more in the coming month about that apparently.

14:14: Ross introduces a spokesperson from the legendary Aardman Animation.

14:16: Aardman have vowed to provide a series of original, one-minute-long Shaun The Sheep short films, which can be accessed from the end of the year.

14:16: Aardman’s guy introduces a brief montage of clips taken from Shaun The Sheep. Nice. But what about the games?

14:21: Laurent introduces ‘Streetpass’ – which is what Nintendo are calling the LAN connection for the 3DS. You can share data just by passing by another 3DS user in the street, regardless of whether you’re playing a game or not.

14:22: No more friend codes! You’ll only need to register one, and only once. Superb. Ross makes a solid gag about Laurent’s resemblance to George Clooney. Nice.

14:25: A member of Super Street Fighter IV 3DS‘s development team at Capcom appears onstage and makes everyone in the audience mimic one of Ryu’s fireballs. Hadouken indeed.

14:28: As you play Super Street Fighter IV 3DS, you’ll receive SF figurines as little rewards, and the more that you have, the better you’ll be when your 3DS wirelessly enters you into simulated battles with other console users.

14:32: A system called “Channel Live” will allow you to watch your friends do battle, in the same way that you can currently do over Xbox Live or Playstation Network – and now an essential Street Fighter ingredient. It could apparently only be achieved because the 3DS is so powerful.

14:33: SSFIV 3DS will feature a roster of 35 fighters.

14:38: Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has just taken to the stage. He’s a “big fan” of the 3DS. Who isn’t?

14:40 Ubisoft are going to launch eight games during the first few months of the 3DS’s life. Eight! First up, the return of Rayman.

14:42: Yves is gone in the blink of an eye. Two developers from Konami have just taken to the stage.

14:44: Konami speak about the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS. It’ll be the first Konami 3DS game to see a release.  A very snazzy video shows the game in action; it looks amazing – not far off the current generation of consoles really – but the action is only shown from the player-cam perspective. Will that be the only option?

14:47: Yes it will. Konami reveal that the camera has ‘evolved’ drastically. This has been done deliberately to differentiate the PES experience from watching a match on television. A much deeper sense of involvement in each match is promised.

14:50: The head of cult Japanese development studio Team Ninja takes to the stage.

14:53: Dead Or Alive 3DS is well on its way. Team Ninja believe that the 3DS was the only appropriate place for them to re-launch the franchise.

14:54: A Dead Or Alive 3DS trailer is shown. It looks slick. And as mental as usual. Apparantly it’s a “best of” rather than a full sequel. It’ll offer online play, co-op mode, and will feature ‘Streetpass’ functionality.

14:58: “The poor man’s George Clooney” is welcomed back to the stage to talk about the first party Nintendo titles that are in the pipeline. Yes!

15:00: Yves speaks about the brilliant new Pilotwings game – which we got some hands-on time with recently – and apparently it’s set on the same island as Wii Sports Resort was.

15:01: Nintendogs 3DS announced. Now with added cats.

15:02: A game called Steeldiver is briefly announced. It’s a submarine game of some kind that involves looking through a periscope, and utilises motion control. When you turn, so does the periscope.

15:05: Miimaker mode shown. It allows you to create a Mii from a photograph. Time-saving! But old news!

15:07: There is talk about the 3DS version of the Virtual Console. It’ll allow you to download classic Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games. We already knew that!

15:09: A montage video plays, set to horrendous heavy rock, showing several big games in action. Splinter Cell, in particular, looks terrific. We also see SSFIV 3DS, Paper Mario, Ridge Racer, LEGO Star Wars, Starfox, Zelda, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater and  Mario Kart. Of course. In fact, they all look great.

15:11: Finally a launch date! The 3DS will be available in Europe from March 25th 2011.

15:13: It doesn’t look like an RRP is going to be announced today after all. Apparently the price will be “determined by the retailers”

15:15: And that’s it folks!

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