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The boardroom at the zavvi towers is playing host to Nintendo today who have kindly set up a few Nintendo 3DS pods for us zavvi folk to enjoy. It’s definitely the first time we’ve seen people queuing and looking excited to get into the boardroom.

Here’s what some of the guys thought after being let loose on the consoles:

Looks like the older DS consoles until you go on it. You wouldn’t think 3D would work without the glasses but it actually does; freaks your eyes out a bit at first though, but the effects are great. Played on Pilotwings Resort ,  which is brilliant, just flying around and generally faffing about, doing what you want. The new buttons are very cool

Kimberly – Trading

The flying game – Addictive!!!

Paul-  Marketing (Man of few words)

Conveniently pocket sized, compulsive gaming is now available in 3D!
Be Warned: The 3DS must be tried and is highly addictive!

I was sceptical before playing on this but look out as this console is not only hard to put down it is also hand held and fully portable meaning relationships are sure to be sacrificed for a few days following release day!

The release of the console is great news for those that are lucky enough to be playing but not so great for those that aren’t! …
Look out as energetic kids collide (most likely on Heeley’s) with unsuspecting adults up and down the country as they pursue floating targets & cartoon versions of themselves and friends from the highly impressive multidimensional screen

I’m just glad they don’t have an Angry Birds Game on the 3DS as I know I wouldn’t see friends for weeks!

Luci – Marketing (Not a girl of few words )

There’s loads of fun to be had with the preloaded software games. I uploaded my image on the Face Raiders games and you physically have to move the console in different directions to shoot my face down. I’m a bit concerned that my so called colleague “friends” who went after me decided not to upload their own image, decided to use mine and seemingly enjoyed shooting down my face a bit too much!

Nicola – marketing

My first thought was ‘ Wow its actually 3D!’ Not sure what I was expecting but pleasantly surprised. The console feels solid and the graphics are great. No need for glasses is a winner too!

Dave – Trading

The flying game hurt my eyes…. I don’t know if it’s because I wear contacts but they kind of ache now…… or it could be because I’m staring at the vending machine??

Tom – Marketing  (Sits in front of the vending machine)

Here are a few snaps of the team:

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