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Arriving on the Nintendo Wii on the same day that New Art Academy arrives on the Nintendo 3DS – July 27th – Quiz Party is a brand new party game from Nintendo and developer Wizarbox. Featuring over 2000 questions and compered by ex-Catchphrase host Roy Walker, the game is entirely team-based so there’s no limit to how many people can play at once. As yet, no English-language trailer has appeared online; we’ve embedded a German teaser trailer at the bottom of the page instead. Guten tag.

Following in the footsteps of Wii Sports, Wii Party, Wii Play Motion and Mario Party series, Nintendo are set to launch a new family favourite – Quiz Party

Get your thinking cap on and prepare for hours of fun with your friends and family when the latest party favourite from Nintendo comes to Wii in the UK on 27th July. Quiz Party offers you a unique and inclusive experience which can be enjoyed by everyone, and with an unlimited number of players you can truly put everyone’s general knowledge to the test! With over 2000 questions covering a wide variety of themes, all voiced by legendary Quiz Show host Roy Walker, there really is something for everyone in Quiz Party! It doesn’t matter what your favourite subject is, you could be asked a random selection of questions covering a varied range of themes Whether you are a whizz at History, Geography and Nature or if your knowledge is a little more current and you prefer Sport, TV and Films, there will be a question to suit everyone.

Get the game started by selecting between two and four teams and with no limit on the number of people on each team, everyone in the room can have a go. Once you have formed your team, it’s time to choose your mascot! Choose from either your own Mii characters or one of a selection of local mascots to represent your team. The aim of the game is to answer questions correctly from within five categories to earn stickers. The categories include Odd One Out, challenging you to find the odd one out from within four visual elements and Brainstorm, pay close attention because your observation, concentration and memory will be tested.

In Blind Test you will need a keen ear to listen to the music or sounds and in Multiple Choice, you will be given four possible answers and only one is correct. The final category, Time’s Up puts you against the clock, don’t fall behind.

Featuring three entertaining game modes, Quiz Party offers you the opportunity to choose how long you want the game to last. The Normal Game mode challenges you to be the first team to collect 15 stickers, while a Flash Game requires the winning team to collect only five stickers providing a much more intense game. Finally, if your time is precious and you just want to dip in and out for a quick test of your trivia then Quick Question mode is for you.

Quiz Party knows no boundaries, offering an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone to get involved in, no matter of age or level of participation. With over 2000 questions and voice over from Catch Phrase king Roy Walker you can test your knowledge across a wide range of subjects. Battle it out with your friends as if you are hosting your very own game show, when Quiz Party launches for Wii on 27th July. 

Quiz Party is currently due for release on the Nintendo Wii on Friday, July 27th 2012. 

Watch the German teaser trailer for Quiz Party below: 

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