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Every week we take a brief look at the biggest and best new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray. Unless otherwise stated, everything listed below is due for release next Monday – so in this case, Monday 17th September – and each title is now available for pre-order on zavvi.com. This week: one of the most successful films ever made arrives on DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray, as does Glee’s third season and cult horror flick Silent House…

Silent House [DVD] [Blu-Ray]

In Silent House, Sarah, along with her uncle and father, prepare their long-time family summer home, recently violated by squatters, for sale. But broken windows and cracks in the plaster are the least of their problems when they discover they are not alone and there’s more than just mould concealed behind the walls. Over the course of 88 harrowing minutes, their idyllic isolated retreat is transformed into a site of horror as the family’s past returns to taunt then terrorize them, exposing a hidden and distorted history.

Marvel Avengers Assemble [DVD] [Blu-Ray] [3D Blu-Ray]

When Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), the Director of an international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., encounters an unexpected enemy that threatens global safety and security, he finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins for Earth’s mightiest heroes. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and two of the world’s greatest assassins, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), must assemble to defeat Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the darkest villain the Earth has ever known.

Marvel Avengers Assemble – 6 Movie Collection [DVD] [Blu-Ray]

An extensive new box set featuring the following blockbuster Marvel movies: Marvel Avengers Assemble, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America – The First Avenger.

Glee: The Complete Season 3 [DVD] [Blu-Ray]

Entering its third season, Glee is a musical comedy about a group of eager and ambitious students who strive to outshine their singing competition to win Nationals while navigating the cruel halls of McKinley High. Since its debut, Glee has become a bona fide cultural phenomenon, received prestigious honors including the Golden Globe and Peabody Awards and singlehandedly made glee clubs cool again.

The series boasts critical acclaim, a die-hard fan base, two Grammy Award® nominations, two Platinum and three Gold albums, more than 33 million downloads, two sold out concert tours, a blockbuster 3D movie, four Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes, including the award for Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical.

Warehouse 13: Season 3 [DVD]

Warehouse 13 Season 3: The hit US show that doesn’t exist!

You might think that by saving the life of the President, you would earn yourself a cushy desk-job, but no. After United States Secret Service Agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) prevented an assassination, they found themselves abruptly transferred to the middle of nowhere, and ordered to report to mysterious caretaker Artie (Saul Rubinek). They quickly found that their new jobs were out of this world, and have spent the last two seasons trying to safeguard every mysterious and paranormal object ever collected by the US. That has seen the pair spend a lot of time chasing reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the mysterious Warehouse 13, as well as helping Artie control the volatile storage area itself.

The first episode of season 3 is called ‘The New Guy’, which suggests the much loved Agent Myka may well be on her way out as Pete partners up with Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore, Smallville). The good news is that Pete is very much here to stay, the suave, brave and an unashamed rule-breaker and by now you might have noticed that Myka is back!

Covert Affairs: Series 2 Box Set [DVD]

After reuniting and heading back to where they first met – Thailand – at the end of season 1, Annie and Ben reunite. But, Annie quickly has her hands full with new missions and assignments. That’s just life in the CIA for you.

Shot in glamorous cities around the world – from Argentina to Paris, Venice and Berlin – season 2 takes things to a whole new level with more action scenes and excitement for Annie as she gets increasingly comfortable in her CIA shoes.

Meanwhile, Auggie is offered a new position in the Office of Congressional Affairs and Annie has to get used to a new operative at work.

And when things get a little sticky in Belarus, it’s Jai who saves the day.

Dungeons And Dragons 3: The Book Of Vile Darkness [DVD]

In this spectacular action fantasy, a band of heroes must join forces to defy an empire in the ultimate fight against evil. Battling deadly, fire-breathing dragons and evil emperors, these men must use their cunning, wit and bravery to defeat their enemies and restore righteousness across the land. But with their resources running low and their predators closing ever tighter, their mission ends in a terrifying battle with grave consequences.

Dragon Wasps [DVD]

When her father mysteriously disappears on an expedition, beautiful entomologist Gina Humphries and her fiery assistant, Rhonda, set out to search the rain forests of Belize. Due to numerous robberies and assaults in the jungle, they are escorted by heavily-armed soldiers. Guerillas, lead by the infamous Jaguar, ambush the convoy and incite a bloody shootout.

Just when things can’t get worse, a horde of murderous Dragon Wasps, massive flying bugs that shoot flame from their abdomens, swarms the soldiers. Now the military must defeat Jaguar’s bandits and survive the fearsome insect onslaught as they venture inside the Dragon Wasps’ hive.

A Mother’s Son [DVD]

The quiet coastal town of East Lee, in Suffolk, is thrown into turmoil when Lorraine, a teenage schoolgirl, goes missing and is found murdered. Shock and horror sweep the inhabitants of the town, including the newly merged family of Rosie (Hermione Norris) and her two children Jamie (Alexander Arnold) and Livvy; and her new partner Ben (Martin Clunes) and his two teenage children Rob and Jess. Their new life together is overshadowed by the threat that a killer might be present in this safe seaside town. When Rosie finds a stained pair of trainers hidden in Jamie’s room, she suspects it could be blood – could her son really be involved in Lorraine’s murder?

As the police investigation continues, the emotional turmoil and stress of the tragedy start to cause tension between the two sides of the family. Jamie seeks solace with his dad, David (Paul McGann), but Rosie finds she can’t suppress the growing feeling that her son might be guilty of something terrible. With Rob also acting suspiciously, Rosie decides to do her own investigation.

What will she discover?

American High School [DVD]

Every once in a while a movie comes along that touches the soul and sweeps you away on a wave of emotion…THIS IS NOT THAT MOVIE! American High School is in the tradition of American Pie and Porky’s where plenty of things besides the soul are being touched!

It’s the final week of senior year at American High School and the race for prom queen is heating up. The popular and sweet girl Gwen (Jillian Murray – Wild Things) and her exhibitionist husband are headed for divorce. Her rich rival, Hillary (Aubrey O’Day – Playboy Cover Model, Maxim magazine’s Hot 100) will do anything to be prom queen. The principal is a pint sized pervert and the sexy art teacher has a creative way of providing inspiration. Can true love overcome horniness? With a cast this hot, who really cares? Did we mention Nikki Ziering (Playboy Playmate) plays the sexy art teacher?

Kill Zombie! [DVD]

The bizarre story takes place in Amsterdam-West, where a virus turns people into bloodthirsty zombies. Although much blood is flowing and many limbs chopped off, there is a lot to laugh at in this bizarre horror comedy.

House Of The Long Shadows [DVD]

The story takes place deep within the Welsh countryside where there stands a deserted mansion that seems to cast a long shadow over the land. Outside the rain comes down in violent torrents while inside, the musty air hangs undisturbed. Dust on the decrepit furniture is testament to decades of abandonment. Lightning filters through the boarded windows, illuminating the dark shroud that envelops everything, turning each room into an abyss.

Years of quiet vigil are broken by an intruder, a young writer spurred on by a wager, has come seeking solitude and the atmosphere in which he will compose a novel within 24 hours. The house seems a propitious setting for his needs—or is it?

He has arrived on the eve of a strange reunion that unites an ancient family with its cursed existence. He is forewarned of possible danger by a woman who mysteriously enters the strange surroundings.Soon they are both embroiled in the family’s secret as one by one the members of the family are murdered and the mystery draws menacingly closer.

Sengoku Basara: Season 2 [DVD]

Japan’s toughest warlords are on the move, leading massive armies against their rivals in a thrilling quest for total domination. Wielding insane weaponry and unleashing the elements to boost their already awesome power, these warrior generals roar into the fray atop turbo-charged stallions, slicing through the enemy with six blades at once.

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