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2011 is looking like something of a banner year for tremendous-looking videogame sequels, but only a small handful of them are currently as talked about, or as impatiently anticipated, as Crysis 2. If you were lucky enough to play the original game on the PC – or even took a fleeting glance at it, as it’s still considered to be a platform benchmark that has barely withered since its 2007 release – then March 25th surely cannot come quickly enough. If you pre-order the game from zavvi.com on either Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, you’ll receive an exclusive SCAR Assault Rifle for use in the game.

The details of this weapon are as follows:

SCAR Desert Skin – Medium Assault Rifle

The SCAR is a medium assault rifle with high accuracy and fire rate. It was introduced shortly before the Lingshan Incident and today is used by all branches of the US military as well as various security forces and military contractors worldwide.

  • Accuracy: high
  • Ammo Count: medium
  • Recoil: medium
  • Rate of Fire: high
  • Reload Time: medium

This SCAR has a unique Desert camouflage variant.

Watch the Crysis 2 trailer here:

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