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Following in the same grand tradition as the much-loved PC strategy game Medieval 2: Total War, History Great Battles: Medieval is based on the historical events of the Hundred Years War, and the game’s development team Slitherine have described their combat model as being the most detailed and realistic ever created for a game of this kind. The game also features a cutting-edge graphics engine and an entirely new gameplay system, which allows players to be in full control of massive armies.

Boasting a distinctively gritty, down-and-dirty visual style, History Great Battles: Medieval has been crafted with the full backing and knowledge of the History Channel, and every single in-game character has been designed specifically to reflect the arms and armour of the period. Professional stuntmen were drafted in to provide motion-captured performances that are sure to bring real authenticity to the combat, but also other snippets of the animation too. You’ll be able to watch as your troops rambunctiously celebrate a victory, or taunt their opponents before a battle.


In addition to Campaign mode, Skirmish mode and Sandbox mode (which allows you to practice techniques and strategies before utilising them in the battlefield) there is also an online multiplayer component, in which you can join or host your own head to head match. Progression through the single-player game rewards you with money which unlocks XP, as well as new equipment and units, all of which can be fully customised to suit you and your style of play.  

History Great Battles: Medieval is due for release on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on Friday October 1st, and all zavvi.com pre-orders will come bundled with the three-disc History Channel documentary The Crusades: Crescent And The Cross on DVD, absolutely free.

Watch the trailer for History Great Battles: Medieval here:

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