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When you pre-order one of this summer’s earliest (and best) superhero blockbusters on Blu-Ray at zavvi.com, you’ll push zavvi’s X-Men: First Class ‘Totaliser’ counter ever closer to its 100% marker; at which point everyone who has previously pre-ordered the disc will receive an exclusive free gift. This exclusively created film cell from X-Men: First Class has been digitally reproduced from the original film footage. Numbers are strictly limited and it’s only available when enough people purchase the Blu-ray to unlock this exclusive product. Mounted in an exquisitely crafted frame to show the film cell in the best possible light.

To view the X-Men: First Class totaliser and check on the progress, you can visit either the main store page here, or our Facebook page here.

X-Men: First Class is due for release on Blu-Ray and DVD on Monday, October 31st 2011.

Watch the X-Men: First Class trailer here:

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