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Sony PS3 Massive Action Game Event: MAGical!…

Wednesday January 20th, 2010, London. Tucked away deep underground, in a makeshift (imitation) military bunker seconds away from central London’s Baker Street tube station, is the location that Sony have chosen to unveil one of the most audacious, and eagerly awaited, Playstation 3 exclusives of the year.

MAG PS3 Event, London

For those of you who’ve spent the last year living in a makeshift (imitation) military bunker, MAG is short for Massive Action Game, and it represents the biggest leap forward for FPS gaming since Halo redefined the genre almost a decade ago. MAG is the biggest MMO FPS in videogame history, and a completely new server architecture has been built from the ground up, purely to support online battles accommodating up to 256 players at once.

MAG is a bold production, and one would expect nothing less from the highly distinguished Zipper Interactive, the second-party Sony developer responsible for the ever-appealing and brilliantly consistent SOCOM series on the PS2. Invited into this subterranean venue are 128 of Europe’s most estimable gaming journalists, and zavvi.com was there to get a handle on what could not only be one of Sony’s most successful releases of the year, but also one of videogaming’s most significant.

MAG PS3 Event, London

After collectively viewing the premiere of MAG’s rabble-rousing and expertly edited opening FMV, the day began with a talk from some of MAG’s lead developers, who had flown in from the US especially for the event. After explaining the intricacies of the game’s XP and ranking systems, 128 of Europe’s finest were let loose onto the floor, for a
ten minute, feet-finding training session.

The day then consisted of one blistering game after another, with two taking place in Sabotage mode (two concurrent battles, 32-a-side) two in Acquisition mode (64 versus 64) and undoubtedly the finest bout of the day: two epic battles in Domination mode, with the venue’s entire army of 128 facing off against 128 of Zipper Interactive’s very own
development staff, battling online from their HQ in the USA. The result? A disarmingly easy 2-0 to us.

Prolonged exposure to the final build of the game enhances what the recent beta suggested – that MAG is something truly special.

Patrick Gosling (Photographer and Creative Director) caught all the action on film.

Watch the video here…

Read our exclusive in-depth MAG: Massive Action Game review from zavvi.com – coming soon.

Is this going to be a huge title this year or just hype?

Are you looking forward to MAG or are there different FPS games that are going to be better this year?

Let us know what you think…

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