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The new generation of Blu-ray DVD players are now more affordable than ever and this Christmas promises to be the time where Blu Ray tips over from being the domain of the early adopter to the mainstream.

Over eleven million households already have HD ready television however the majority of us link in a DVD player or even a video player, it’s fair to say that we’re missing a trick by not upgrading to a Blu-ray dvd player.

 LG BD350 Blu-ray Player

So what’s the fuss all about then – here’s 10 reasons why we think you should invest in Blu-ray:

1. Picture Quality

Blu-ray gives your favourite films a whole new look, with up to five times the picture quality of DVD discs. We could say more but there’s no need, Blu -ray shows better looking pictures, simple as that.

2. Sound Quality

Picture quality isn’t the only upgrade, Blu-ray helps you unlock the potential of stunning digital surround sound on your television with Dolby Digital Plus format for HD Audio.

Have you ever wondered why some of your old DVDs didn’t have any sound coming out of the back speakers in your home theatre?  Wonder no more.  Dolby Digital Plus is all surround sound, all the time.– so you’ll be sure to hear the difference too.

3. Your Blu-ray player is backwards compatible

‘Backwards compatible’ or in other words it’ll also play those sad old formats of DVDs and CDs perfectly – so streamline your TV table and use it for all your entertainment needs.

4. Are you Blu-ray ready?

If you have a Blu-ray Disc Player or a Sony Playstation 3 and an HD Ready TV, you’re ready to see the benefits of Blu-ray movies. However remember to check you’ve got the right HDMI cable to get the full benefit.

5. It’s not the future, it’s the now

Blu-ray isn’t a format that’s going to go away. The early adopters have had Blu-ray dvd players and movies for the last year however the market is now shifting to reduce Blu-ray player and disc costs meaning that it’ll be this years must have product. All the major Hollywood studios are on board – it is the format of now.

6. It’s Dad proof simple

Yes even your dad doesn’t have to worry about this new technology. Blu-ray is simple to use, take it out of the box. Plug in and press play to enjoy a top notch Blu-ray movie experience!

7. Blu-ray means more movie.

Blu-ray dvd players have extra capacity compare to DVD allowing you to immerse yourself in extra scenes, cast interviews, multi commentaries, games and image libraries. So if the pull of better sound and picture quality isn’t enough then surely getting more for your cash has to be a bonus!

8.  Connectivity – the next step

BD Live is a newer feature of Blu-ray.  It’s pretty cool, too. It sounds complicated, but to boil it down: it’s interactive features utilise the Internet through your Blu-ray dvd player.

Depending on your Blu-ray player, you can record your own audio commentary and upload it for others to listen to. You can watch the movie along with your friends, and have an interactive chatroom during the film. We’ll report back on how this one progresses!

9. Blu – Yes they are Blue.

It is indeed a Blu-ray player for a reason – discs are read by a blue-violet laser with a short wavelength. The science is beyond us – we just need to know that reading the massive amounts of data packed onto the disc means more enjoyable movies.

10. Even more durable

Pesky kids getting muck all over your discs, worried that scratching will ruin the performance? Don’t be – coated in a special resistant layer, they are harder to ruin. Although don’t hold us to that – we are not taking on the destructive power of children!

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