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Rockstar has previewed three trailers for the new trio of characters: Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Three playable protagonists – Michael, Franklin and Trevor may live in different parts of town, have their own issues, attitudes, lifestyles, desires and goals – but they do know how to work together. They also each have their own unique skillsets to bring to the table when it’s time to get the job done.
Los Santos and Blaine County:
Our largest open world yet – by far – and spanning vastly diverse cultural and geographical areas, the entire world of Grand Theft Auto V is open from the very beginning of the game to explore. Visitors to the greater metropolis of Los Santos and the countryside of Blaine County will encounter faded celebrities, meth heads, party people, violent gangs, hikers, bikers and every other manner of colorful denizen. You’ll be able to traverse everywhere from the tops of the mountains, through the streets of Los Santos and to the depths of the ocean floor.


Here is what  Max, Tara, and Adam thought from Rev3Games:

Look for more GTAV previews on gaming sites around the web and around the world today which also include a host of new screens from the game – including many international previews linked below. We’ll have all of the newly released screens compiled and available tomorrow in high-res at www.rockstargames.com/V.


Here are some images from the new Grand Theft Auto V, it looks epic!



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