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Ryse: Son of Rome plunges you into the chaos and depravity of the late Roman Empire. Two new levels have been added to Ryse: Son of Rome in a free update by Crytek recently.

One time bonuses are available in the form of health benefits and focus abilities and are offered by the newly added statues of Roman deities. Rewards statues will sprout from the sand offering a much need health kick.

Watch out for ‘The colosseum Pack’ that is a newly available DLC package containing two new skins and two new Coliseum level events, the arenas are Ascension fighting out of Hades’ lair, and Henge. In Henge, gladiators are tasked with seizing an ancient shrine from the barbarian horde. If I remember correctly this re-enactment was a personal favourite of the emperor Commodus. Sporting the decadent armour of Commodus you’ll be able to look a little more refined as you reclaim this. In Ascension you’ll negotiate your way through the embers of Hades’ lair up to the surface world. Available for Ryse: Son Of Rome now.


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