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The long awaited Blu-ray edition of the cult classic film Scarface is available to pre-order today. With some of the most memorable movie quotes and unforgettable performances it’s no wonder it appears so often in the rankings of people’s all time favourite film.

To celebrate the release of the mighty film we thought we’d bring you some interesting trivia facts about it. So did you know that:

The writer Oliver Stone was said to have written the film whilst fighting his own drug addiction to cocaine.

Tony’s little “friend” in the classic line that we’ve all imitated at some point I’m sure “Say hello to my little friend” is  a M16 assault rifle with an M203 40mm grenade launcher attached to the barrel

Tony Montana is said to say the word f**k 182 times throughout the film and that is what the number represents in the band Blink 182’s name

Rumours have it that Robert De Niro and John Travolta were considered for the roles of Tony and Manny.

Tony’s mother in the film who is played by Miriam Colon is only 4 years older that Al Pacino in real life. The years have obviously not been kind to her, either that or it’s just good make-up

Brian de Palma had to make several cuts to the movie in order to receive an R rating. Afterwards, he went ahead and released the original uncut versions in cinemas without telling anyone.

Brian De Palma also like the script so much that he dropped out of directing Flashdance (1983) to do Scarface instead. Good Call!

Despite the name of the film Tony Montana is only ever called “Scarface” once throughout the film and even then it is in Spanish “Caracicatriz” Nice little Spanish lesson for you all there.

We’re sure that there’s many more so if you know any leave a comment below and let us know or just simply tell us your favourite scene from the film, it’s been a cause for some great banter here in the zavvi offices.

The blu-ray copy is out in September but you can pre-order your copy today at zavvi. You can either get the Limited Edition Steelbook or the Scarface triple play that includes a Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy. Either way both are going to be pure entertainment!

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