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SimCity is a city building, urban planning simulation game, and is the first instalment in a decade for the iconic series, making it the sixth game in total. Utilising Glassbox, the game’s new simulation engine, you can create the city of your dreams with stunning visuals and superbly rendered graphics. This revolutionary technology gives you the power to influence Sims lives, manage city-level simulation, and even balance multiple cities at once, simulating real city behaviour from authentic travel patterns, fire spreading, and more.

In the world of SimCity, every decision you make affects the way your city works, and even your Sims’ lives. Your city will depend on your urban planning skills, where any little misdemeanour could end with it in ruins. If you don’t think ahead, a vast number of things could go wrong; not enough fire coverage? One little spark could burn up your whole city. Run too many public services? You could run out of money. Every decision comes with consequences in SimCity.

Your entire world in SimCity will be completely interactive, and incredibly visually engaging. SimCity’s model-like appearance is more intuitive than ever before, allowing you to make small and easy additions like new roads, commercial zones, and power stations, that result in big changes. An example of this interactivity and intuitiveness would be the customisable buildings, where you can upgrade them in order to improve the functionality of your city. From adding patient rooms to your health clinic, to adding more fire trucks to your fire station, you can help make your city more successful.

A helping hand in SimCity is the brand new data visualisation layers, where you can look under the surface for deeper insights into what your city needs and how it’s functioning. Take a look at the water lines, and learn where the best location would be for a water tower. Peruse the crime layer and find out where your criminals strike the most, then put a police station in that location to protect your Sims! See how your city responds in real time to your manipulation with this unique graphic interface.

Want to know how you’re getting on as Mayor in your town? Well, your Sims won’t be shy about voicing their opinion about you, whether they’re bad or good, and neither will the way your city looks. Treat your Sims well, and you will see this reflect in a high Mayor rating, other Sims flocking to your city, and other signs. Treat them badly, and they’ll protest your leadership at City Hall, whilst your city disintegrates into graffiti decorated slums and abandoned homes. Your actions will have consequences, no matter what your decisions are.

Out March 8th.

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