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South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Character customization includes classes from Fighter, Thief, Jew and Cleric, mimicking a similar type of humour that is displayed in the TV episodes. This hilarious game that is built around the parody-based T.V series South Park capitalizes upon their oldest jokes and attributes making for an immersive South Park experience. In terms of armour and weaponry you’ll be equipped with the worst equipment possible, ensuring that maximum damage is inflicted upon you without it taking too much toll upon your health. Cartman will be able to teach you how to throw a fart as an attack. The Stick of Truth is available to pre-order now and will be available to own from March 7th 2014.

stick of truth

Rambo: The Video Game

Most of the action and shoot-outs are fixed perspective so you’ll need to think on your feet and adapt to the environment around you and make sure that you make use of all of the cover-options and hiding places. Looking at the screen-shots I genuinely hope that the game plays as well as I hope that it will. It reminds me of playing original arcade games when I was a kid. I think the game play has been based on the films really closely and the important parts of the films aren’t lost in the translation over to the video game platform. There are some great boss levels that you’ll enjoy repeating over and over. Available to own from January 17th.


Wolfenstein: The New Order PS3

The cinematic quality of this game places it firmly in a league of its own. The game-play is smooth and the quality of the story line is both innovative and novel. This intense follow up to the Wolfenstein series lets you battle high-tech Nazi legions and utilize WMD’s. A twist in the tale of World War 2 sees the Nazi’s technology explode into advanced superior weaponry, battling Nazi robots to ensure that Europe will once again be free from the oppression of tyranny and evil. You’ll be re-writing the history books as you become the hero that turns the course of the war. Available to pre-order now! Released on the 31st December.


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