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Sony PS4 Reveal – Deep Down

Alongside all the other fantastic PlayStation 4 announcements at Sony’s reveal, Capcom’s game (provisionally titled) Deep Down was one of those that amazed and astounded. Developed alongside the company’s new next generation Panta Rhei (translated to “everything flows”) engine, Deep Down is rife with incredible particle effects and advanced lighting, delivering stunning visual results.

Watch the teaser trailer of the game below to see an armour-clad man fighting a large and dangerous fire-breathing dragon.

Bearing similarities to Capcom’s own Dragon Dogma with its dungeons and dragons inspired medieval setting, Deep Down’s use of the PS4’s graphical capabilities allowed its game design to be taken in a whole new direction. The game’s engine has been described as the “next evolutionary step from the MT Framework”, and is being constantly refined and up-scaled in order to take full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s impressive specs and hardware.

“Conquer Your Fear or Die a Coward”.

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