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Sony PS4 Reveal – Driveclub

Of the few games announced February 20th, Driveclub was one of those confirmed as a launch title for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Evo’s game thrives on gamers that are passionate about cars, with the PS4 bringing their long awaited dreams of a car culture universe to life.

The company’s web design concepts of connecting with people, having the ability access to your club when you’re not in your living room, and much more, can now finally be realised with the PS4’s impressive socially connected network and audiovisual technology. With the PS4’s innovative use of the PlayStation Vita as a second screen/device, Driveclub can now make their theories about connecting social networks with asynchronous challenge-based racing across multiple devices at the same time into reality.

After collaborating with the best car companies in the world in order to make the most detailed and authentic car interiors and exteriors possible, Driveclub has resulted in boasting truly immersive first person racing. Say goodbye to cockpit view.

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