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Sony PS4 Reveal – Knack

As if all the other games that had been announced weren’t already enough, this blog piece is here to tell you about yet another super exciting game: Knack. Knack is a brand spanking new action-oriented platformer that has been confirmed as a PS4 launch title, and looks absolutely incredible. This game is designed to take advantage of the vastly improved specs and graphic capabilities of the PlayStation 4, the only console with the necessary physics simulation to handle this special hero.

The game revolves around a scientist who goes by the name of Doctor (not Who), a man who’s spent his life’s work studying ancient relics from a long lost civilisation, and who has found a way to bind them together, and give them consciousness. The result is Knack; a creature with mysterious powers that can transform and rebuild himself the more relics he incorporates into his body. The more he finds, he can transform himself from a three foot tall harmless creature into a ginormous wrecking machine!

Within Knack’s world, mankind becomes under attack by a resurgent goblin army, and it is up to Knack to save humanity! However, it soon becomes clear that the real danger is posed by the human community itself. Take on the role of Knack, and discover all of your amazing abilities, including incorporating ice, metal, and a variety of other substances into your body, to give you super new powers! Get large and in charge with all the bits and bobs you find throughout the game world, and help save mankind from the dangers of enemies, and even mankind itself.

Available to pre-order now on PS4.

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