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Sony PS4 Reveal – The Witness

The independent development team Thekla Inc. from San Francisco, California have announced that they are producing a game known as The Witness, which has been confirmed as a PlayStation 4 title. The Witness is an open world puzzle game, set on a mysterious island where you can explore and solve a wide variety of puzzles.

The puzzles vary in difficulty from easy, to subtle, to super difficult. The puzzles are designed to challenge and surprise you at every turn, with the benefits of a non-linear approach; in a linear game, if you get stuck on a puzzle then you can’t move forward until you’ve solved it, whereas with The Witness, if you find a puzzle too difficult you can simply move on to another area.

The island itself is a compact and isolated area, taking a total of 1 minute and 10 seconds to cross the whole plateau. However, don’t feel that the gameplay will be stinted due to the island’s size; there are 25 hours of unique puzzle-oriented gameplay on offer, with a guarantee of no filler and no repetition. The area and gameplay is designed so that you will always have somewhere else to go and explore, or a new puzzle to challenge, all within a 20 second walk.

Get a unique experience delivered to you with The Witness on the PlayStation 4.

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