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Sony PS4 Reveal  – Watch_Dogs

First revealed at E3 in 2012, Watch_Dogs makes another appearance at Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal as one of its launch games. With top notch visuals, an innovative gaming concept and just basically being stunning in every way, shape and form, it’s safe to say that Watch_Dogs is one that the development team must be very proud of. Check out the gameplay demo below:


Starring Aiden Pearce as our cyber hacker protagonist/antagonist, Watch_Dogs boasts a wide variety of opportunities and choices for this mysterious man, alongside equal abundance of connections and consequences. Experience and understand the concept of a hyper-connected, smart city within this intuitive and innovative game, where you can have complete control over a major city, right at your fingertips. Learn the very definition of chaos with your almost limitless connection.

N.B.: This game will also be available on PS3.

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