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The first expansion for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, an immensely popular real-time strategy game released in 2010, Heart of the Swarm places the former Queen of Blades at the centre of this newest chapter of Blizzard Entertainment’s sci-fi saga. The former Queen is out for revenge, embarking on a mission that will reunite the Swarm and allow her to exact her vengeance.

 Continuing on where the epic story of Wings of Liberty left off, you take on the role of the newly human Kerrigan as you traverse the galaxy on your quest, taking part in 20 new and unique campaigns that each offer you specific units and abilities. Evolve your Swarm with different species and DNA, altering them to become the perfect war machines of your brood. Customise Kerrigan with a variety of new skills and powers as you both take on each new mission, ensuring that she, as the hero and the major player, is fully equipped for whatever the galaxy may throw at you.

Heart of the Swarm features enhanced and improved multiplayer, adding in an array of new multiplayer units such as Hellbats, Zerg Swarm Hosts, and more, as well as giving you the option to upgrade already existing units. New maps are available to explore, and new features ranging from customisation systems and multiplayer replays have been introduced. The online platform of Battle.net has also been upgraded, meaning that your overall custom-game experience will be improved, and that you will have the chance to play with different regions from all around the world with Global Play.

Reclaim your living empire at the Heart of the Swarm and unleash Hell across the galaxy as you lead Sarah Kerrigan on her path of bloodthirsty vengeance. Evolve your brood and swarm from planet to planet to conquer the global battle.

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