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The Film: Mark Wahlberg plays English professor Jim Bennett, a high stakes, reckless, risk-taking gambler. Borrowing huge amounts of cash from criminals and his rich, dysfunctional mother alike, Bennett ends up making the ultimate bet and lying his life on the line.

As he tries to stay one step ahead of the game, playing one creditor against the very gambling ring he is a part of, Bennett must balance his life, immersed as it is in the highly illicit world of underground American gambling, with his deepening relationship with a student and Frank (played by John Goodman), a loan shark and father-figure.

Wahlberg’s performance in The Gambler has been described by The Times as “physically articulate; […] he wrings despair and disillusionment from every beaten-down gesture, every curt exchange.”

The Director: English director Rupert Wyatt is perhaps best known for his film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which ended up grossing over $481 million worldwide. He has also directed the film The Escapist, starring Brian Cox, Dominic Cooper and Brazilian musician Seu Jorge.

You’ll like this if…: You enjoyed the original. Definitely a treat for fans of dense, tightly wrung, and gritty thrillers and crime dramas.

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Pre-order The Gambler Steelbook now!

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