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The Animation ZBOX will be available to pre-order from 6pm GMT on the 27th March.


Are you ready for another round with the ZBOX? We’re delighted to announce that this month’s theme will be ‘Animation’ and will delve into all of your (and our!) favourite animated characters, past and present.


We can also exclusively announce that this month’s ZBOX will definitely include a Funko POP! Vinyl. Keep up to date with all things ZBOX here on the blog, over on our dedicated Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, or directly on the ZBOX page on the site. Make sure you also take a look through all of our past ZBOXs, and enjoy some of the great unboxings the community has produced over the past few months.




Talking animals, super heroes, impossible adventures and unlimited boundaries – the appeal of animation is easy to see. It allows us to escape into worlds very different from our own, whether that means a 20 minute stroll through South Park’s alternate Colorado or a feature length mythical adventure in Shrek’s kingdom of Far Far Away.


Though they often ignite the nostalgia of our childhood cartoons will never be reserved for kids alone, simply because the magic of animation doesn’t disappear with age. Let your imagination run wild with this month’s Animation ZBOX.


Happy ZBOXing!

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