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Here’s five facts that should persuade you that you really do need to buy the Sony PS3 , this Christmas’s must buy games console.

Sony PS3 Console

1. It opens up a world of Gaming

A World of Gaming: Play the latest games with stunning visual and audio quality. From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Pro Evo Soccer 2010 to Buzz! Quizzes and SingStar, once the domain of the hard core gamer there’s now something for the whole family.

2. It’s Smaller and Lighter

The new slim Playstation 3 model is all about size. It is about a third lighter and smaller than the older models. The original Playstation 3 console is one of the biggest and heaviest video game systems of all-time. The new slim line console is a real bonus to those who value space in their front room (double whammy with not needing a Blu Ray player). Not to mention that the lighter weight makes the new slim Playstation 3 model easier to carry around for showing off round your mates house!

3. It plays Blu Ray Movies

Blu Ray movies are the movie format for 2010. Reduced price points on Blu Ray discs mean that we’ll soon be watching sharper pictures with better sound on our flat screen HD televisions.  Sounds good but maybe still a bit pricey – no need to worry,  if you buy a PS3 Slim you’ll be able to play all your Blu Ray movies and ensure that you can minimize the clutter. Remember to link up your TV and Blu Ray with a HDMI cable to get the most benefit.

4. Console Bundles and great deals

The consoles themselves are incredibly competitively priced, however we think that the smart money is on buying a PS3 bundle.  The games buying team have managed to source some amazing deals such as:

The Sony PS3 250 GB console, Little Big Planet, the classic Killzone 2, Day of the Dead Blu Ray and a free HDMI cable all for under £285!

Offers are going to change however we can pretty much guarantee that there are going to be some amazing deals offering great value over the coming weeks, keep checking here for the latest Sony PS3 bundle offers.

5. Link it up with a Sony Bravia – how to impress your mates.

Connect the PS3 Slim to a Bravia Link-capable Sony HDTV (via HDMI) and you’ll be able to control the XMB interface with your TV remote – how cool is that! The TV will even automatically power down the PS3 when it gets turned off so you can be Eco-smug!

CLICK HERE for the latest Sony PS3 offers, bundles and games

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