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The secret life of Walter Mitty is a film that was produced and released in 1947. It has currently been re-made and is released in UK film Cinemas on the 26/12/2013. Starring, Ben Stiller.

A timid wildlife photographer regresses into his imagination when things become too stressful in his everyday life. Walter Mitty has saved countless lives and has changed peoples fortunes, namely his co-workers, you don’t get more heroic than this. All of this is of course, in his mind. Walter is really a very shy and timid person who drifts off into flights of fancy and creates his own world of fantasy, often when he is talking to somebody or doing something mundane. Walter has a problem even ‘Cyber Winking’ at a Lady online. It seems his computer isn’t too fond of him either.

He’s not very interesting, nor has he done anything noteworthy or mentionable. Suddenly he jumps off the side of an elevated train station and into somebodies apartment smashing through panes of glass to save a dog. When the lines between fact and fiction begin to over-lap and blur the film is hard to distinguish between what is imagination and what’s apparently real as far as the film is concerned. It’s an all-out action-comedy that’s well worth a watch.


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