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You don’t have to spend hours trawling the high street for gifts this Christmas, in fact you don’t even have to leave your seat at all. The zavvi.com team have been working hard to find the perfect Christmas novelty gifts and gadgets to suit all ages, genders, tastes and budgets, so you don’t have to.

We’re offering up to whooping 80% off, with many gifts under £5 and what’s more, there’s no extra costs involved – zavvi.com offers FREE DELIVERY ON EVERYTHING

1. The Potty Putter: One for the blokes?

Whether he’s 8 or 18 he’s going to love the Potty Putter. Toilet breaks need never be dull again; whether he’s at work or at home, he can simply lay out his green and let the games begin.  In our opinion, this humourous gift is also not without it’s uses; the skill of accuracy is never a bad one to conquer, especially in the bathroom! We can’t wait for the launch of Potty Fishing later this month – keep your eyes peeled.

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Potty Putter

2. Family Photoshoot: Makeover for mum and dad

Replace those terrible school photos still lurking in mum and dads shrine and treat them to a family photoshoot – they’ll get to feel like movie stars for the day and no-one need ever know about your days of braces and tragic haircuts. Sorted!

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3. Flying Alarm Clock: Brillant for lazy boyfriends

Sick of being his personal alarm clock / mother? Check out this flying alarm clock.

When the alarm sounds, the propeller is launched up into the air and flies off into your bedroom.The novelty of things flying around the room will appeal to his inner child and will distract from the fact that he has to get out of bed, meaning more sleep time for you. Bliss!

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4. The Snug Rug: Great for snuggly girlfriends

Girls love to be warm and comfy and this Snug Rug is a perfect Christmas gift if her idea of bliss is cosying up on the sofa and catching up with the weekends Hollyoaks Omnibus. The oversized sleeves means she has the freedom to flick channels, have a scratch, read and play on the laptop all whilst staying warm and cosy – what more could a girl want?

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5. Twilight Board Game: Keep the kids entertained all Christmas

Entertain the whippersnappers this Christmas by challenging them to on their Twilight knowledge with this fantastic trivia game based on the bestselling book and blockbuster movie Twilight!

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6. Gifts under £5: Save £s on your Secret Santa gift

So you may have all agreed to stick to a £10 Secret Santa budget but has nobody realised we’re still officially in a recession? Save yourself a sneaky few £s by checking out our list of gifts under £5. With massive savings on the RRP, nobody need ever know!

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7. Maxi Trim: Super for slimming sisters

You can probably pre-empt her New Year’s Resolution, after all it has been the age old ‘Must tone up’ for the past 5 years. Why not give her a helping hand with the Maxi Trim, perfect for toning arms and shoulders and firming abdominals just in time for summer.

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8. Peppa Pig Wall Clock: Teach your niece to tell the time

Kids love Peppa Pig – fact! Your Auntie will love you for making learning to tell the time with your niece fun with this pretty pink Peppa Pig Wall Clock – fact!

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9. Soldier Egg Cup And Toast Cutter: Egg-cellent for housemates

Soldier Egg Cup And Toast Cutter allows you to dress your egg like a Buckingham Palace Guard and then use the toast cutter to cut your toast into a soldier army for dipping. A fun and novel way to eat boiled eggs and soldiers!

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10. Henry The Hoover: Cleaning companion for colleagues

Fear not the rising tide of dust and crumbs at your desk – for Henry, a true icon of domestic life, is here to take the bad things away with a smile!

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