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Hot from its premiere at this year’s Comic-Con and fresh out of picking up numerous awards at E3, comes this trailer of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Warner’s latest iteration in the LOTR franchise. Set somewhere between the time of the Hobbit and LOTR itself, this new cinematic trailer provides those of us eager to get hold of a copy already more of a look into the backstory of the game – which has had its release date brought forward a week to October 3rd in the UK and September 30 in North America.

It has been revealed that the mysterious wraith character in the trailers shown so far is in fact the elf Celebrimor – an elf who helped forge the rings of power. Players will play as Talion, a dead ranger who is brought back to life by a wraith who now seeks revenge against series arch-badguy – Sauron.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

The games’ director of design told Polygon that they “wanted somebody who could be extremely powerful; someone who could legitimately and authentically challenge Sauron. I think a big early inspiration was when Frodo [from The Lord of the Rings] had the ring and he was going to give it to Galadriel, and it was really clear that if she took the ring, it was obviously a very different proposition if Gollum or any other hobbit took the ring.”

“The Ring of Power absolutely does represent what it says — this enormous power — and [Galadriel] could have brought down Sauron. So we wanted somebody at that level.” Also check out some gameplay below and tell us in the comments your opinion on how you think the game looks so far!




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