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Definitely one of last year’s most underrated blockbuster movies, the fantastic TRON: Legacy is due to hit DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray in the next few weeks, and if you missed our recent review of the film, you can still find that by clicking here. Immediately before the film was released on the big screen last December, a proud and comprehensive parade of TRON videogames were released across all imaginable gaming platforms. And because watching the new film in all of its High Definition glory last week has made us all go a little bit TRON mad, we’ve decided to take a brief look back at the best of them…

TRON: Evolution – PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

A third-person action game that’s had a few light RPG elements woven into it, TRON: Evolution is the kind of game that we didn’t really expect to work; primarily because it bridges the narrative gap between the two TRON movies in the same way that the decidedly iffy Enter The Matrix game tried and failed to do a few years ago. TRON: Evolution’s strong storyline is actually a very big part of the game’s appeal, though it’s definitely something of a slow-burner. But once the grapple and parry moves are added to your arsenal after around an hour’s worth of play, it shifts up a gear and turns into an action game to rival the vaguely similar but sorely under-appreciated Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands game that also came out last year. There are some terrific online multiplayer modes, and some barnstorming action sequences in which you pilot a gigantic Grid Tank; and these bits may remind you of a few classic levels that have cropped up at various points during the incomparable Halo series. Brilliantly, a couple of the more thrilling pieces of Daft Punk’s epic soundtrack appear during the game too. A small handful of moments featuring mild (if annoying) camera misbehaviour aside, enjoy.

TRON: Evolution – Battle Grids – Nintendo Wii

Although obviously it doesn’t offer the same luscious HD visuals as TRON: Evolution does on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, if anything, this Wii game is an even more bracing property than the 360 and PS3 versions. It’s a completely separate entity, and is more focused on TRON-themed mini-games than story-based action, but those mini-games are extremely easy to understand and get to grips with right off the bat; and dangerously compelling with it. There is no online multiplayer which is a bit of a shame, but if you’ve got a few willing gamers in your household, then you’re all sure to get sucked in almost immediately. And for the record, the Hyperball game-type will probably end up being one of the most absurdly addictive mini-games that you’ll have ever played. When the famous E3 game show was wrapping up last year in Los Angeles, a small handful of journalists reported that the queue of people who had formed to play Battle Grids didn’t dissipate until they were politely asked to leave by the security guards. It’s not too hard to see why.

TRON: Evolution – Playstation Portable

Sony’s brand new handheld gaming device is due for release a bit later this year (the NGP, also known as the PSP 2) but it’s sometimes easy to forget just how marvellous some games can be that were designed for the original PSP device; both visually and in terms of the gameplay. Although the PSP version of TRON: Evolution was initially touted as a direct port of the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game of the same name, it’s actually a slightly different beast. The action unfolds from an isometric perspective here, and although maps and level designs are very different from those found in its next-gen console brethren, the gameplay is actually a largely similar. There is a little bit more emphasis on  the Wipeout-style light-cycle segments than there is in the other versions, and narrative is pushed into the background somewhat, but it’s a very enjoyable romp that never outstays its welcome. And the isometric platforming sections look as sumptuous as anything seen on the PSP platform to date.

TRON: Evolution – Nintendo DS

Framed from a top-down perspective rather than an isometric one, the Nintendo DS version of TRON: Evolution nevertheless bears the most striking resemblance to its other handheld console compadres. The controls are pretty straightforward, but combat does frequently make rather ingenious usage of the Nintendo DS’s touch screen; as hurling your light disc requires you to chart the trajectory of it via accurate sweeps of the stylus. As you progress through the game’s story you unlock additional combat moves – though you can can also unlock them by spending the tokens that you find scattered around each level – and most of them utilise the console’s touchscreen to entertaining effect. TRON: Evolution on the Nintendo DS is light on content (as with the Wii version, there is unfortunately no online multiplayer component) but it’s simple and fun, and contains some solid (if straightforward) puzzling elements too.

If you’re quick, there is still a chance to enter our competition to win a copy of TRON: Evolution on the Playstation 3 console. Just check out the quiz question at the bottom of this page….

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