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Comfortable, light and blessed with invaluable dual frequency bands, the Earforce X42 is a pretty terrific gaming headset. The best thing about it is the duo of aforementioned frequency bands, which completely eliminate the troublesome interference that you always tend to get – from things like wireless routers and mobile telephones – when you’re using a headset like this one. The X42 isn’t the cheapest Turtle Beach headset on the market but it isn’t the most expensive either; it occupies a very inviting middle ground that should appeal to anyone who hasn’t taken the plunge with a gaming headset before.

The X42 is a Dolby Digital Surround Sound headset, and it features brand new speaker design; each speaker is around 20% bigger than it was in the X42’s predecessor, and as a result the bass quality is vastly superior to previous models. Playing something as thunderously loud as Battlefield 3 is enhanced immeasurably because of this, but the sizeable array of Equaliser Presets mean that you can modify it to your own specifications whenever you like; which we did when we jumped from Battlefield 3 to FIFA 12, where the added bass only served to distract.

When you’re gaming, Chat Boost – a reliable brand favourite – allows the sound levels to fluctuate slightly, based on how loudly (or quietly) your friends and teammates are talking; their voices will never be drowned out by all the chaos, and shouting will be dulled so that it doesn’t completely destroy the game’s primary audio. Turtle Beach headsets have always (obviously) worked fantastically well when you’re watching movies as well as playing games, and to accommodate this, the chat mic on the unit is now completely removable.

The X42 is refreshingly free of clutter in comparison to older models, and most of the controls that you’ll constantly be using are actually on the base of the headset itself, rather than on a cumbersome (and usually rather heavy) separate switch. The wireless dual-band transmitter is also considerably smaller than it was on a few of the older Turtle Beach sets, despite the fact that there’s an additional socket in place now, allowing you to use the headset to listen to music via your phone or mp3 player.

Like all of the high-end Turtle Beach headsets, the X42 is ideal for when you need to be quiet – when you’re gaming in the same space as a sleeping friend, say – but unless you have a pricey home cinema set-up, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself opting to use it when you don’t actually have to. A good Turtle Beach headset is like a good arcade fight stick; once you’ve started using it, going back to previous methods of play might be a bit more difficult than you’d expect.


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