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One of the most technically impressive and sumptuous-looking action games due for release in many a year, Sega’s hugely anticipated sci-fi thriller Vanquish is gearing up to wow audiences when it launches in the UK on the 22nd of October. The game comes from the mind of none other than Shinji Mikami, one of the core creators of the Resident Evil series, and an artist who has also been responsible for classics like Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry and Dino Crisis.

We are proud to announce that the limited edition version of the game – which includes a seven-inch tall figurine modelled on the game’s hero Sam Gideon – is a zavvi.com exclusive, not available to buy anywhere else in the UK. This edition has only been made in strictly limited quantities, and fans of Vanquish‘s creator, or big-budget action gaming in general, aren’t going to want to pass it up.

Set in the very near future, Vanquish‘s story takes place on a gigantic space station, and follows hard-case hero Sam Gideon as he does battle with a band of evil Russian terrorists. Alongside his crack team of fellow government agents, Gideon finds himself in a furious race against time, in which he’s tasked with doing everything in his power to stop the Russians from achieving their ultimate goal – unleashing a nuclear weapon upon New York City.

Watch the Vanquish trailer here…

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