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It has been revealed that Watch Dogs, due out 27th May, will be getting a season pass that will include a single player story DLC, a new game mode and much more. It will also add new characters, missions and weapons to the game. Pricing for European countries is as yet unconfirmed, though it has been touted that it will cost $19.99 in North America.

The new single-player campaign will have you playing as a character named T-Bone – an eccentric but talented hacker. A separate DLC  called ‘Conspiracy’ will introduce the game mode ‘digital trip’, which will allow you to go and hunt down cyborgs. Purchasing a season pass will see you save up to 25% instead of picking up the DLC separately, and season pass holders will also be given a week of early access to all additional content.

Are you looking forward to Watch Dogs? Will you pick up a season pass? Let us know below!

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