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One of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2013, the illustrious Sim City series is currently due to make its grand return at the beginning of March next year, and the most recent trailer for the game is embedded below.

SimCity Public Service Pictures presents How to Deal with Disasters. In SimCity you never know when disasters will strike!

In this educational video, you’ll witness the first four disasters of more to come and tips for how you can best rebuild your city in the event of unwelcoming destruction.

Did Howard of New Haven, Connecticut allocate space for police, fire and health in his megatropolis? Will he survive a meteor shower? Did Chelsia’s industrial city of Little Rock, Arkansas hold up after an earthquake? Or did Taylor’s modest community in Spokane, Washington recover smoothly from a tornado?

Find out what happens when UFO’s attack and more!

SimCity is currently due for release on PC and Mac on Friday, March 8th 2013.

Watch the “Disaster” trailer for SimCity below:

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