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Following on from last month’s live-action trailer for Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo’s latest trailer for Mario Kart 7 has just popped up online and it’s clear that Nintendo have become rather taken with this new live-action approach. It’s embedded at the bottom of this page. In other Mario Kart news, earlier this week IGN published a full list of the classic tracks that are returning in Mario Kart 7, and they are: Mario Circuit 2 and Rainbow Road from the SNES version; Bowser Castle 1 from the GBA version; Luigi’s Mansion, DK Pass, Waluigi Pinball and Airship Fortress from the DS version; Daisy Cruiser and Dino Dino Jungle from the Gamecube version; and Mushroom Gorge, Coconut Mall, Maple Treeway and Koopa Cape from the Wii version.

Mario Kart 7 is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS on Friday, December 2nd 2011.

Watch the new Mario Kart 7 live-action trailer below:

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