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The first theatrical trailer for Mission: Impossible 4 – or Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to give the film its full title – has recently been unveiled online, and it’s looking substantially more promising than the trailer for a belated third sequel probably should do. It’s all predictably slick, and because it appears as if some of Ethan Hunt’s enemies this time around look to be his professional superiors, it harks back nicely to the first film in the series. Which is still the best one.

Simon Pegg has been promoted to the role of secondary action hero – and it’ll be interesting to see if he can pull that off – and for a film that is rumoured to have cost as much as $140 million, the trailer is quite light on jaw-dropping action set-pieces. Hopefully they’re saving those for everyone to experience on the big screen.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is currently due for release in the UK on Boxing Day.

Watch the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol trailer here:

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