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The 21st of October marks the day that Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker and Dr. Emmett Brown set foot in the year 2015. That is, if Robert Zemeckis hasn’t been leading us up the garden path… To welcome their arrival and simultaneously celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future franchise, numerous events will be taking place worldwide that bring an ode to the most popular time travel film of all-time. From trilogy screenings around the world to companies releasing limited edition BTTF collectibles, Back to the Future fans will be spoilt for choice with a whole new array of merchandise being released on the 21st and plenty of new, unique experiences to enjoy.

At Zavvi, we’ll of course also be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future and we’re doing this by releasing a ZBOX that’s centered around the theme of Time Travel. It will include an EXCLUSIVE Pop! Vinyl that will certainly blow you away! What’s more, we’ve also got a whole new range of 30th anniversary Back to the Future merchandise available, including the DeLorean vehicle by Diamond Select Back. Speed up to 88mph and fasten your seat belt for some big surprises!

Here’s some of the most remarkable events and releases that Back to the Future has in store for us around the 21st of October.

We’re Going Back Event in Los Angeles

30th Anniversary Back to the Future

The main Back to the Future revival event will run from the 21st of October to the 25th in Los Angeles. Attend a hoverboard demonstration or ask stars from the film for an autograph (or a dance) at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance (you know, the prom where Marty’s parents shared their first kiss). A secret location will be transformed into Hill Valley, where you can visit places like the McFly family home or Hill Valley High, and you can even participate in a BTFF costume contest! The We’re Going Back event is an initiative by fan Ken Kapalowski.

Back to the Future Cruise to End Parkinsons

Back to the Future Cruise

From the 7th of November to the 14th, fans can sail from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean Islands on a luxury cruise ship together with several actors from the franchise, including Marc McClure (Dave McFly) and Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly). The cruise trip is a collaboration between fans and Team Fox, the fundraisers behind the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, to raise money for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. You can attend special events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the films, including a dance and a behind-the-scenes Q&A.

Release of the Pepsi Perfect Bottle

Maybe we don’t have flying cars yet or Black and Decker hydrators to bake and enlarge coaster-sized pizzas, but Pepsi is launching Pepsi Perfect bottles on the 21st of October to set the future in motion. The bottles can be seen when Marty visits the 80s café in Back to the Future II and will be available at the New York Comic Con or online (more details about that will be released on the 21st).

Release of the Jaws 19 Trailer

Remember the giant hologram of Jaws that tried to swallow Marty on passing the Holomax Theater? Jaws might not have made it to having 18 sequels nor are underwater cities a thing (yet), but Universal has just launched a teaser trailer for Jaws 19 and it’s hilarious! We hope it’s better than Jaws 17: Fifty Scales of Grey!

Release of the short film Doc Brown Saves The World

Finally, Christoper Lloyd has made a return as Doc Brown in the original short film Doc Brown Saves The World! A teaser trailer has been released last month, in which we can see Doc arriving in 2015 and looking into the camera with a shocked expression on his face, sporting a pair of self-tying Nike hi-tops. The short film will be released as a special feature included in a new box set of the trilogy.


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