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After making a hefty splash in the US last year, Ubisoft’s Rocksmith is now due for release across the UK and Europe at the end of the summer. Several miles away from being a mere Guitar Hero / Rock Band clone, Rocksmith is a game that actually wants to teach you how to play the guitar. Two versions of it are going to be available at launch: a solus one, and a bundle that comes with an actual Epiphone Les Paul guitar…

When we say any guitar, we mean any guitar
Whether it’s the guitar sitting in your attic, your cherished faithful steed, or the guitar you have yet to buy, Rocksmith lets you plug any guitar into your console or computer. Electric guitar or electro-acoustic one, as long as it has a jack, you can play. And get plugged in right away as Rocksmith comes with a unique quarter-inch jack to USB cable!

Real time adjustment levels: from beginner to stage animal!
You love a challenge, but hate being overwhelmed. Rocksmith understands that. With addicting gameplay that adapts continuously to your personal skill level, you will automatically progress from single notes to complex chords at your own pace. Eventually you’ll be playing 100% of the real guitar parts from the songs and the game will challenge you to step away from the notes on the screen and play songs by memory. Imagine that. A game that’ll get you stage ready.

Bursting with Hits
Rocksmith includes an amazing library of international songs of many genres. Whether you fancy classic rock bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Cure, Lynyrd Skynyrd or if you’re more into the latest hits of bands like The Strokes, Muse, Sigur Ros we got you covered.
And with our growing track list from metal to indie rock available for download, you’ll always find a song that suits your mood!

There’s always a way to develop your guitar skills and overcome your difficulties.
Having troubles with the solo of your favourite song? The riff-repeater option is your saviour. It will isolate the part of your choice of the song, and let you repeat it over and over … until you eventually ace it!
Want to improve your finger dexterity? Learn chords? Improve scales? For all of these and more, there’s a specific mini-game that we’ll help you get it. Rocksmith will turn your guitar as a controller and, for instance, while shooting ducks in the Ducks mini-game you’ll be actually improving your finger dexterity without noticing it!

Turn your TV or computer into an amplifier!
No needs for an amplifier anymore, with Rocksmith your TV or your computer IS your amplifier and will let you play with loads of in-game pedals, amplifiers and cabinets. String pedals together with nearly infinite combinations and tweak your sound until you’re satisfied. Whether it’s a crunchy distortion, a vintage tremolo or a psychedelic reverb, we have the gamut covered to make sure you can achieve the sound you’re looking for.

Play in multiplayer
Plug in a second guitar to go head-to-head with friends to see who can earn the highest score, or have fun playing cooperatively as lead and rhythm guitars.

Rocksmith is currently due for release on Friday, September 14th 2012. 

Watch the US launch trailer for Rocksmith below: 

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