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Why you need to get connected with the best HDMI cable!

If you’ve got a Blu ray player, a games console such as a Sony PlayStation 3 or a new HD ready television you’re sure to have noticed that the words ‘HDMI cable’ keep coming up.

HDMI Cable

Here’s a little explanation of what HDMI is and why a cable really will improve your gaming or movie watching experience:

1. What does HDMI stand for?

HDMI is short for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”, and is hailed as the next generation of audiovisual cabling.

2. What does a HDMI cable do?

Simply put, HDMI is an all-digital connector that can carry high definition video and several digital audio channels all on the one cable.

3. Why is it different from the current cables we’re all using?

Analogue cables won’t produce the same quality as digital cables.  This is because analogue cabling connecting digital sources (such as an LCD or plasma screen with a DVD) has to be converted into analogue to travel through the cable, then be re-converted back into digital at the receiving end. This could lead to some signal degradation and a resulting loss in output quality.

4. So what are the benefits of a HDMI cable?

Three key reasons:

1. HDMI can deliver high quality sound or vision without the risk of quality loss due to the conversion or compression of a video or audio signal.
2. HDMI pictures should be smoother and sharper, with a distinct reduction in video noise. Sound should be crisp and taut, without any distortion.
3. Using a single cable HDMI can get rid of a lot of messy cables snaking around your home theatre kit.

5. When would I need a HDMI cable?

We’d recommend that everyone who’s serious about watching DVD, who’s got a Blu-ray player or into their gaming buys the best HDMI cable that they can as it will really improve the overall experience.

The great thing about this is that this upgrade won’t cost you the earth with prices at our HDMI store costing less than £5.

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