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The critically worshipped Warhammer 40,000 spin-off series Dawn Of War finally returns to the PC on March 4th, with a brand new adventure subtitled Retribution that looks more like a full-blown sequel than a mere expansion pack. Not only is there a hefty 16-mission campaign for every one of its available races (the new Imperial Guard very much included) the game’s reliably addictive multiplayer component is also touted as having a greatly improved matchmaking system behind it. But if you’re an RTS nut, you probably already knew all this.

What you may not have been aware of is that the game’s beta goes live this coming Friday, and we have 75 free access codes to give away. To nab one, simply post something in the comments section below, and the first 75 people to do so will have an access code emailed to them before Friday. Well, the first 75 who post something that doesn’t contain profanity anyway. So chop chop, and keep it clean.

Dawn Of War II: Retribution is released on March 4th on the PC.

Watch the Dawn Of War II: Retribution trailer here:

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