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Whether you’re an obsessed young devotee who discovered it during the heyday of The Rock, or a lapsed fan who feels that things haven’t been quite the same since Hulkamania was at its peak, next Friday sees the release of WWE All Stars, and it’s a game that’s looking to offer up something very special to both parties; and everyone in between. It features an extremely broad roster that includes new blood like John Cena and Sheamus, alongside all-time classic characters like Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant, all of whom are bringing their own distinctive signature moves and celebrations to the party.

Unlike the more complex (and equally superb) WWE Smackdown Vs Raw series, WWE All Stars is a markedly different proposition. It instantly feels like a classic arcade-style beat ‘em up rather than a complicated wrestling game, and it is both absurdly easy to get to grips with, and hilariously over the top. Expect amusing comic book visuals, a brand new control scheme and a massively addictive (online and offline) multiplayer component. If you want to get a little pre-release taster before next Friday, the downloadable demo is available now on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

To commemorate this refreshing new change of direction and highlight the distinctly arcadey new gameplay flavour, a series of official limited edition WWE ‘Brawlsticks’ and ‘Brawlpads’ have been released, and we’ve got two of each to give away – all compatible with the Playstation 3 console.

To be in with a shot at winning one of them, simply answer the following question in the comments section below….

If you were inducted into the WWE tomorrow, what would you call yourself, and what would your signature move be?

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Watch the WWE All Stars trailer here:

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