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With the advent and launch of the Xbox One this week we have seen an explosion of activity on our dashboards, even if you haven’t yet upgraded or received an update.

It’s still really easy to move around on the dashboard, moving from games to apps whilst doing all the other things that you could previously do and much more. Ask the Xbox to go back to the game you were playing the previous day and it will do so immediately, no loading. The dashboard will keep the game running in the background until you are ready to play it again.

Personalise the experience around you! The Xbox Kinect recognises people and offers them a welcome message. This is a really immersive and intuitive setup and adapts to each person that it recognises according to their settings. This is gaming entertainment and games technology brought together to offer the most immersive gaming experience to date with fully customizable settings, avatars, social pins and colours.

Switch between users by simply saying “Show my stuff” and have the Xbox display your content on somebody else’s Xbox, assuming you’re signed in of course. Nothing has been missed out, internet explorer is still there and all the social pins and book marking facilities are at your fingertips ready for when you decide to show off how good you are at the new next generation games.

Once you’re signed in to Xbox live you’ll be able to allow your Xbox to send you the equivalent of push-notifications for example if you’re watching a film, you can opt to take an incoming Skype call or you can except a party invite and start playing a game, or , if you wish you can decline this.

Create clips of your gaming experiences in narration mode, talking the potential viewers through your thought processes and strategies and let people see just how good at a game you’ve become. You can then upload this to the live service and you can configure this to notify friends should you wish to, eliminating the need for a HDPVR.

The Bottom line? – Everything, all of your stuff in one place, its super simple and easy to move from one app to another, all of which, are focused upon you!

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