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Sony are a company renowned for celebrating their significant (and considerable) accomplishments in fine style, and last Thursday’s Black and White party – held to applaud the ample milestone of 3 million Playstation 3’s sold in the UK thus far – was absolutely no exception.

London’s impressive Victoria House, a grand and stunning Edwardian building on Camden’s Southampton Row, houses numerous different businesses above ground during the day, but exactly what it’s basement is usually used for – aside from the one-off location of Sony’s celebrations – is anyone’s guess.

With foundations that resembled those of a disused car park, Sony had somehow successfully decked the place out to look like some hipster’s bedroom; the only down side to this seemingly perfect locale being the hefty number of stairs and lack of a functioning lift.

Also successful was the exemplary decision to hire a gang of waitresses who all looked like they’d just strolled off a catwalk, and the employment of uber-hip synthpop collective The Filthy Dukes, who played a belting and eclectic DJ set composed of breaks, house and disco.


Also present was the stupendously talented beatbox star Nathan “Flutebox” Lee, whose performance may not have been fresh – it was the same mash-up that he performed with Beardyman at Google’s HQ in 2008 – but was nevertheless rapturously received by the reasonably well-lubricated crowd.

Speaking of lubrication, nobody in the venue was quite prepared for the appearance of the middle-aged gentlemen with the impeccably buffed bald head, who appeared bar-side halfway through the evening. With the hellish strains of Lou Bega’s Mambo Number 5 acting as an alarm bell, the gent proceeded to strip down to his underwear, cake his head and shoulders in KY Jelly, and get inside a giant balloon; before popping the thing seconds later and emerging fully clothed.

As impressive and crowd-pleasing as this performance was, the innocent, end-of-the-pier atmosphere that the fellow was aiming for was severely hampered by his own uncanny resemblance to “Britain’s most violent prison inmate” and all-round walking nightmare Charles Bronson.

Beautiful women, plentiful alcohol and throwback entertainers who resemble iconic life-criminals. They may do it their own way, but Sony sure know how to throw a party!

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