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Meet Lofty, Berk and Slick, who stumble out of their meaningless, secure lives and into a world beyond their city’s giant walls. They embark on a vacation of mass destruction that, unbeknownst to them, will not only change their lives but the entire planet forever.

On their journey they meet new companions who join the gang; Keith the Wilderheep, a mutant sheepdog with a chip on his shoulder and Usie, a strong-willed princess who wouldn’t think twice about dragging Lara Croft along by her ponytail.

The madcap misfits will take you through the mountains of Inessvale, the beauty of the city Dowlack Rodka and the burgundy sands of the Creeda Desert. Sit back and drink your eleventh cup of tea as the Livernorians try to rationalise with a territorial feline, an arrogant politician, a few thousand hostile alien seahorses, a colossal city-eating snail, and not forgetting… a dark dictator.Forget about warriors, forget about heroes; Here come the locals from The Blurry Now.

A unique blend of humour, sarcasm, fast-paced action and spiritual elements, The White Light Dawn will appeal to male and female readers alike who like fantasy and comedy fiction. Author L.Bourgaize’s writing style is comparable to Michael Ende who wrote The Neverending Story.?


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