5 oddly satisfying GIFs of smashed Lego

Making Lego can be a long and arduous process, especially if you’ve got a big set to make. Sometimes bad things happen to our lovely sets, but we thought to seek out GIFs of smashed Lego and found that it was oddly satisfying to look at a complex set and started to go down a deep, dark rabbit hole full of Lego getting smashed.

Super Star Destroyer

To celebrate Star Wars day in 2015, the cool folks at Wired built a Lego Super Star Destroyer and filmed it falling in slow-motion. This gargantuan kit is one of the biggest Lego sets you can buy, so watching this being smashed in real-time is astonishing. You can catch the full video here.

Source: WIRED

Death via Hydraulic Press

The Hydraulic Press Channel on Youtube is one of our favourite channels, and you can bet that the Lego has seen the might of his hydraulic press. I mean, keep an eye on poor little Belinda in the car! (Her name isn’t really Belinda, but anyway!) You can watch the Hydraulic press crush other pieces of Lego here.


Source: Hydraulic Press Channel

Someone Call Airport Security!

The Slow-Mo Guys built a bespoke Lego Airport for this satisfying smash, in which they throw a Lego Aeroplane at a runway. The results are pretty spectacular. You can catch the full video on Youtube.

Source: The Slow-Mo Guys


Death Star VS Super Star Destroyer

This is one of those Alien Vs Predator moments. Whoever wins, we lose. After completing months of building on the two sets, Norm Chan from Tested decides to throw his newly-built Super Star Destroyer straight into a Death Star playset. It’s well worth watching the full video.

Source: Tested.com

Death Star Slugger

This article hasn’t been too kind for the Death Star or Super Star Destroyer, and this time the Death Star is subjected to a brutal punt from a baseball bat. The folks at WIRED are great at making these, even replicating the original shot from the film. Catch how they managed it here.

Source: WIRED


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