10 of the Rarest Funko Pop Vinyls Money Can Buy

We take a look at the most expensive collectible Funko Pop toys that money can buy.

2018-08-07 08:47:33By Team Zavvi


What are LEGO Brickheadz?

Brickheadz are the brand-new line from Danish toy company LEGO, so we've dived into what Brickheadz has to offer for LEGO builders and Collectors alike.

2017-06-01 09:54:32By Zavvi Editor


Wonder Woman Reviews: What the Critics are Saying

Wonder Woman has finally arrived onscreen, and critics have had their say n the latest entry in the DC Cinematic Universe.

2017-05-30 10:12:24By Zavvi Editor


Where to find your favourite LEGO Batman Figures

Looking for your favourite character from The LEGO Batman movie in minifigure form? Look no further, we've broken down where to find all your favourites!

2017-02-06 09:15:41By Zavvi Editor


5 Large LEGO Sets that You'll Never Finish Building

Sayem takes a look at the biggest LEGO sets that money can buy. From the traditional buckets of bricks the company now has a focus upon grand, detailed kits such as the Ultimate Collector's Series Millenium Falcon and more.

2017-01-19 09:04:55By Zavvi Editor


A Short History of the Comic Book Titans: Marvel & DC

Want to know more about the history of the two comic book titans, Marvel & DC? Learn more with our short histories about the origins of Superman, Captain America and more.

2017-01-06 12:00:23By Team Zavvi


Universe Crossover: Actors Who Have Appeared In Both Marvel & DC Films

With their push for dominance, each franchise wants to have the biggest and best actors – but which of these great actors have hopped between DC and Marvel? Let’s explore some of the most famous…

2016-11-18 15:57:50By Adam Lowe


Look Who's Laughing Now: A History of the Joker

This year marked the 75th anniversary of DC's most celebrated villain - the Joker. We say ‘celebrated’, and this shows just how strong the Joker’s sway is. Should we really be backing this malicious, sadistic psychopath? The origins of the Clown Prince of Crime are up for debate given his many adaptations and multiple personalities, but we’ll certainly cover a few as we go over his most prominent appearances. Which Joker is your favourite?

2016-08-12 13:36:16By Team Zavvi


Who Exactly are the Suicide Squad?

Also known as Task Force X, the Suicide Squad is a team of supervillains who are recruited by a secret government agency to carry out dangerous black ops missions in exchange for shorter prison sentences. The Squad are kept under control once they’re out in the field with the threat of their micro-bomb implants...

2016-08-08 13:54:20By Luke Roberts


The Transformation Of Batman’s Harley Quinn

In the new Suicide Squad trailer, you might have noticed a punky female figure with coloured pigtails, messy make-up, tattoos and a malicious twinkle in her eye. Meet Harley Quinn.

2015-08-12 15:15:02By Zavvi Editor