Vikings: Season 6 – Part 2 And Valhalla Spin-Off Series: Everything We Know

Vikings Season 6 marks the end of the History Channel’s hit TV series, which began all the way back in 2013.

So, for all those asking will Vikings have a Season 7, the answer is sadly no.

But thankfully, the legacy of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons will continue (admittedly without their involvement) in an upcoming Vikings spin-off series, titled Vikings: Valhalla.

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However, Vikings Season 6 is not over yet. Only the first ten episodes have aired, which neatly wrapped up ‘Part 1’ in early February, so we still have another ten to go.

Before we dive into what ‘Part 2’ will be about, let’s do a quick recap of the first half…

Vikings Season 6 Part 1 – Recap

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Vikings Season 5 concluded with Ivar The Boneless losing control over Kattegat after being defeated by his three elder brothers: Bjorn Ironside, Ubbe, and Hvitserk.

This is where we found ourselves at the beginning of the sixth season…

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Bjorn, now ruler once more, exiled his traitorous brother — alongside some his most loyal advocates. This set Ivar on a journey, taking him to the land of Rus’ and into the path of Prince Oleg The Prophet.

Concurrently, Lagertha (now ready to move on from her life as a shield maiden) decided it was time for her to leave and live in peaceful isolation as a farmer.

But her desires were cut short, forced to come to the aid of her neighbours, who were suffering repeat attacks from the men Bjorn exiled.

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Meanwhile, Hvitserk — suffering from nightmares of Ivar coming to kill him — began to lose himself to alcohol and drug addiction, ultimately causing him to hallucinate and murder Lagertha, now returned to Kattegat.

Ubbe attempted to help his brother, but he was unable to after this unforgivable act. And, while Hvitserk was banished, Ubbe embarked on a voyage to find Iceland.

Left to the wilderness, Hvitserk found himself reunited with Ivar, who planned to launch an attack on Scandinavia — which was now entirely ruled by one king, Bjorn’s former-ally Harald.

Despite Bjorn’s antagonistic relationship with King Harald, they agreed to join forces to fend of the incoming attack by Oleg, who now had both Hvitserk and Ivar on his side.

Vikings Season 6 Part 1 concluded with Ivar impaling Bjorn with his sword during the battle, leaving the Rus’ forces victorious.

What Will Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Be About?

Following on from this shocking ending, Bjorn’s fate looked decidedly grim. But thanks to promotional material, we know he ultimately survived and is recovering.

In spite of this turn of events, Ivar is now victorious. And he has made it clear his intentions to eventually overthrow Oleg, having been shown manipulating Oleg’s nephew, Igor — the rightful heir to the throne — over to his side.

Whether he will have the opportunity to make this a reality is another question entirely.

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And, as history dictates, his brother Hvitserk may not be making it to the end. However, the writers have shown that they will manipulate events as necessary for the purposes of story, so this is still up in the air.

On top of wrapping up all the ongoing Vikings character arcs, with Vikings Season 6 being the final season, don’t be surprised to see some old faces reappearing.

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Despite meeting an unsavoury demise at the hands of King Aella in Vikings Season 4, the show wouldn’t be what it is today without Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar.

As such, it is probable that we will see him show up in some form — perhaps leading any fallen heroes into the halls of Valhalla.

It would also be a welcome development to find out what happened to series mainstay Floki. His fate it still ambiguous, so we should (hopefully) find out if he is still alive or not.

When Will Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Air?

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 is set to hit our television screens on December 30th, streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video up until 30th March 2021.

And, in a gracious turn of events, we won’t have to wait for weekly episodes to drop; the entire ten-episode series will be available to watch from day one.

It was originally slated to launch in October, but a decision was made to change its air date. The reasons why are unclear, as it managed to wrap filming prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Vikings: Valhalla – What Is It About?

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Set 100 years after the events of the original show, towards the end of the Viking Age, the upcoming Vikings spin-off series (titled Vikings: Valhalla) will be leaving the past behind and introducing a new set of characters.

So, say goodbye to Ragnar, Bjorn, Lagertha, and the rest of the original Vikings cast because this adventure will feature a younger generation of Northmen.

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Specifically, Valhalla is said to star Leif Erikson, who is most recognisable as the first European to travel to North America.

Joining him will be his sister, Freydis Eriksdottir, and the ninth-century king of Norway, Harald Harada.

Among the new Vikings characters will also be the Norman King William The Conqueror, who is the descendent of none other than Ragnar’s brother, Rolo — who you may remember betrayed his people to become French royalty in early Vikings seasons.

When Is Vikings: Valhalla Set To Debut?

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The Vikings spin-off series was previously set to debut in 2021 with a total of 24 episodes ordered.

However, filming was suspended due to multiple positive Coronavirus tests. Production did resume not long after, but this could delay the show slightly — though this is only speculation.

We do know, however, that the distribution rights for Vikings: Valhalla have been acquired by Netflix, unlike its predecessor, which landed on the History Channel.

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