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Your incredible PlayStation 4 journey starts right here! Whether you want to upgrade from Sony's predecessor console the PlayStation 3, or you are looking to engulf yourself in a brand new gaming experience, you have come to the right place. With innovative and improved technology, the PS4 will immerse you in a world of gaming you have only ever dared to imagine. Compared to its competitor the XBox One, PS4 consoles are more powerful, have more memory and offer a higher resolution. Moreover, the release of a virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR, in 2016, and the introduction of a game streaming service (PlayStation Now) show that Sony is ready for the future!

Here at we strive to keep you constantly updated with our best PS4 games, latest releases and accessories, and highly anticipated coming soon PS4 titles to ensure your PlayStation 4 gaming experience is never ending and simply unforgettable. Take advantage of Zavvi's fantastic Christmas deals and PS4 bundles and order all your games and consoles with free UK delivery.

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