Marvel X-Men Sentinel Image from the Comic Books
X-Men Legends Marvel’s Sentinel Exclusively available in the UK & Europe

X-Men Legends Marvel’s Sentinel

Its body a towering, technological marvel, the Sentinel scans the world for its quarry, a searching light emanating from its chest, its glowing eyes a warning… and a threat. Programmed with only one objective, to destroy all mutant life on Earth, the Sentinel will not hesitate, will not falter, and will never ever stop hunting.

Rising from the pages of Marvel comics, appearing in everything from cartoons to movies to video games, the Sentinel is as a monumental part of Marvel lore, an iconic enemy of the X-Men, and, now, the first-ever Marvel Legends HasLab project.

We invite you to join us, and HasLabs in bringing this project to life, towering at over 23 inches, with all the features and detailing you know and love from the Marvel Legends 6-inch line.

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We’ve been hoping to make this project a reality for a long time and now, with your help, we hope to do just that.

Sentinels have been a part of the X-Men story since their first appearance in X-Men #14 (1965). From the MK I model built by Bolivar Trask to the menacing figures of modern comic storylines, Sentinels have been one of the most dangerous foes of the X-Men. And we wanted to reflect that towering and intimidating presence into the Marvel Legends line.

Along with the Sentinel figure, we’re including a 6-inch Bastion figure to represent the humanoid face of the Sentinels. Bastion was created when Sentinel Master Mold absorbed the Sentinel prototype Nimrod. The X-Men forced it through the portal known as Siege Perilous and Bastion emerged: a human/Sentinel hybrid that eventually became as anti-mutant as the original Sentinels. And if you followed all that, this is the HasLab project for you.

We needed to hit 6,000 backers to fully fund this project, which has now been hit. But HasLabs didn’t want to stop there. For each 1,000 additional backers, we unlocked more marvellous add-ons. All 3 tiers have already been hit, here are the awesome extras you’ll receive…


This 26.3-inch (669 mm) Sentinel figure is the biggest Marvel Legends figure ever made, with its frame comprised of 260 individual pieces.

It has 72 points of articulation — 20 in each hand alone — which means it’s incredibly poseable and will look awesome in any display.

We also included LEDs in the head and chest, so that the menacing glow of the Sentinels eyes and power source really shines through. It also comes with a Sentinel “tentacle” accessory, which attaches to its palm and is perfect to wrap around an unsuspecting Marvel Legends X-Men figure.

The Bastion figure 6-inch figure has 30 points of articulation and also comes with an alternate Sentinel Prime head.


There have been several versions of the Sentinels over the last 55 years. When we were looking for inspiration, we pored over as much source material as possible before landing on the final design.

There are certain must-haves with a Sentinel figure from the chiseled jawline to the toes of the jetboots. We were heavily inspired by the recent House of X and Powers of X comics for the shape, features, and coloring. We took our ideas, sketched them out, and then build them, piece by piece, to create a working model that is truly massive when it stands next to a 6-inch Legends figure.
Marvel X-Men Sentinel Image from the Comic Books
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